About Pawn Minnesota in Faribault, MN

Pawn Minnesota is located in Faribault, Minnesota. Our philosophy for success is simple: honesty, integrity, knowledge and respectful service to all customers. Whether you are a customer borrowing $25 or $50,000 or buying a diamond ring, or shopping with us on eBay; our goal is to service you so well that you will want to come back. Being fair and reasonable across the board to all of our customers is our most valued asset.

Pawn Minnesota relies heavily on referrals and repeat business. We know the importance of great customer service. We are committed to giving our customers the best loan amount or highest purchase price possible for their merchandise. And consequently, we always have great unique, cool and hard to find merchandise to sell.

During these tough fiscal times, more and more people are rummaging through their old stuff. Many people are cleaning out their garages, spare rooms, attics and basements and recycling at Pawn Minnesota. Consequently, more and more guests are visiting Pawn Minnesota to find a good deal or find something they just cannot live without.

Building long-term relationships with our customers is very important to us. We know from past experiences that a satisfied customer will share his or her experience with family and friends, who in turn will come to our store. It is those personal recommendations that have made Pawn Minnesota successful.

Our experienced staff knows it must go further than the rest of the competition to keep our customers satisfied. We’ll use our knowledge to help you make the right decision, working closely with you throughout the process so you understand exactly what is taking place.

Thank you for visiting with us.